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March 2013

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Etsy Finds

So I’ve been going a bit nuts on Etsy lately. First up is this cute mermaid shirt from “I’m Your Present.” It came with so many cute extras, including an adorable pair of gold heart earrings.



Fun story, I actually found it on the Tumblr of the next person I bought things from. I got two pairs of Tiny Tangerines hair clips.



(The homewrecker clips are not because I encourage wrecking homes, but for a Marina and the Diamonds song by the name! I’m going to see her next month and will wear them!) Kelly-Anne also has a really adorable pair of Grumpy Cat hair clips, but I had just purchased a Grumpy Cat hair bow from another Etsy store, so I couldn’t justify buying two Grumpy Cat hair accessories in the same week, ha. grumpy cat


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PAX East Interview

I did an interview, but the audio didn’t turn out. The footage was used to create this.

Tatt Tuesday

Tatt Tuesday! Guns ‘n Roses Edition

Having tattoos that you got because they look cool is awesome. This gun looks awesome. It still looks awesome. I think it’s hilarious that it’s in the right spot for a holster. It makes me giggle that the barrel of a gun pokes out of my swimsuit. Continue Reading

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PAX East 2013

I just got back from PAX East and figured I’d give you guys my perspective! Biggest takeaway is that Boston is FREEEEEEEEZING. Weather gripes aside, the show was definitely a blast – PAX always is – and I had a good time hanging in the Nintendo booth. I got a chance to see some old friends and meet some Twitter friends which was super fun for me.

Since I didn’t have as much free time as most, I actually didn’t get a chance to play many games. As you’ve probably noticed, DuckTales was the darling of the show. To be completely honest, I don’t think I played DuckTales. At first I thought I did, but then I realized I was thinking about Darkwing Duck. Hopefully that’ll make a comeback – it was one of my favorites.


I picked up a few games that I’m super pumped about. I got the third expansion pack for Cards Against Humanity and a copy of Betrayal at House on the Hill. I’d been on the fence about Betrayal, but I saw it on the show floor and decided to go for it. I also got a hot tip that someone had a few copies of Pandemic on Amazon and was able to snag a copy.


Another thing I really enjoyed was picking up all the StreetPasses on my 3DS. I got two new states, leaving me with only three that I still need. CURSE YOU ARKANSAS AND THE DAKOTAS! One night at the hotel, several coworkers and I tried out the multiplayer part of Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon, which was super fun. Obvi, my favorite mode is Polterpup.

Wario high five

The first night we went out, we wound up meeting Todd and Michelle at a bar called the Lower Depths (they’re regulars, so they have their own engraved mugs behind the bar!). Steph bonded with them over Plants vs Zombies and they became our unofficial tour guides of Boston. If you’re ever in the area, be sure to check out Lower Depths for an awesome beer selection and Drink for amazing cocktails and the best grilled cheese ever.


After the show ended, I was super tired. I grabbed a drink at the hotel bar then went to go to bed for my 5:30 wake up call. Right as I got in bed at about 11, an alarm went off.  The hotel had to evacuate because the elevators were smoking. It was SUPER lame. After about an hour and half we were able to take the stairs back up and go to bed. BARF.


GDC’s this week. I won’t be attending any of the learning sessions, but I’m down to party if anyone wants to hang!



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Tatt Tuesday: Paco (AKA Heart with a Stache)

Welcome to another Tatt Tuesday! As it is the second Tatt Tuesday, let’s go with my second tattoo. (I will try to go in chronological order for as long as possible, but I’m not sure that I can remember properly in my old age.)  Continue Reading

And Now You Know

Idle Thoughts

As I mentioned, feel free to send me a topic to blog about. My cousin asked what I think about while I’m not thinking and, aside from the obvious answer of “nothing,” I realized that I watch tv shows when I’m trying to zone out.

One thing that I’m really good at is quoting movies and television, to the point that people ask how I remember everything. When I’m tired or just want to relax, I generally turn on one of the same shows I’ve watched time and again: Arrested Development, Archer, The Cleveland Show or Community.

Has anyone in his family even seen a chicken?

What do you think about when you’re not thinking?


Hey Kate, Whatcha Wearin’?

I’ve been dressing super goth lately. Here’s how to get my ridiculously middle-school goth look. Please note the shirt can be substituted for literally any other shirt that is mostly black for the same effect. Super heavy eye make up is a must: winged eyeliner and super thick lashes. I also like to keep any color relegated solely to my nails and the heels of my Litas.
1. Horror shirt from Topshop (Similar) 2. Interlock Woven Skirt from American Apparel 3. Backseam Tights from Modcloth 4. Jeffrey Cambell Lita Boots from Nordstrom 5. Line Stiletto by Maybelline 6. Red My Fortune Cookie by OPI 7. Bombshell by House of Lashes

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Tatt Tuesday! My First Tattoo

Welcome to Tatt Tuesday, the first in a multi-part series of posts detailing my tattoos! A lot of people don’t realize I have tattoos when they first meet me, because I’ve managed to hide most of them pretty well. Rather than do the weird thing when people ask about them (ripping off the majority of my clothes), now they can just come look at Tatt Tuesday! Continue Reading

And Now You Know

Hippo Sweat

When I posted that I started a blog, I also took the opportunity to ask for writing prompts, since I’m not sure what I’ll wind up putting here. My friend Lyndsey suggested “hippo sweat.”

hippo sweatShort answer: Yes, hippos sweat.

More interesting answer: Hippos also produce BLOOD SWEAT, which sounds terrifying but is not.


Blood sweat is neither blood nor sweat. It’s an oily secretion with a reddish hue that acts as natural sunscreen and antiseptic, keeping the hippos sunburn and infection-free. There’s a pretty gross picture of blood sweat after the jump.  Continue Reading