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May 2015


Welcome home, Moosey!

I always wanted a second dog. Cricket is pretty much my favorite thing on the entire planet, and I’ve always wanted her to have a buddy to play with. Last November, I decided to move out of San Francisco and closer to the office and my new apartment is basically perfect for dogs! No carpet! Fenced in yard! Huge! Continue Reading


I’m baaaaack!

As I fully disclose on my About Me page, I’m terrible at regularly blogging. What have I been busy with? Still working at Nintendo, going to Disneyland as much as humanly possible, playing with my dog (Hi Cricket!), adopting a new dog (Hi Moosey!), getting a tattoo of pizza and, well, the list goes on and on. I promise to try to update more frequently.  Continue Reading

Tatt Tuesday

Tatt Tuesday – Pizza

I got a pizza tattoo! (Tattoo done by Olivia at Everlasting Tattoo in SF.)