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7 Titles For My Autobiography

1. If I Have to Wear Heals, I Damned Well Be the Tallest Girl at the Bar, or, My Life in Litas


2. I Knew I Should Have Dumped You As Soon As You Deleted My Tiny Tower: The Story of Kate Burning


3. Hey “DJ,”I Know You Know It’s Halloween Because You’re Wearing a Mad Hatter Costume: Play the Monster Mash Already You Jerk


4. Some of Us Don’t Have Boyfriends or Lives, That’s How I Already Beat Pokemon: The Kate Burning Story


5. What Do You Mean This Isn’t A Costume Party? This Is Just How I Dress: The Life and Times of Kate Burning



6. Why Does Everyone Always Want to Go Out When My House Is So Warm?



7. I am the Internet and So Can You



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