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Best Fictional Boy Bands

Boy bands are amazing. Fictional boy bands are even more amazing. Below I’ve compiled a list of my favorite fake boy bands (in no particular order). I’ve also included a few fake solo artists, BECAUSE I CAN.

Boyz 4 Now – Bob’s Burgers already has some of the most fantastic original songs on TV, so the debut of a boy band was bound to be good.

Sterotypes: The hot one, the cute but shy one, the moody and a little older one and the young one who is crazy good at dancing. One of the many fake boy bands where the older one is clearly OLDER.

High Point: Louise’s new found attraction to Boo Boo – “HE’S THE REASON FACES WERE INVENTED!”

2gether – MTV’s foray into the fake boy band, 2gether, was actually a pretty decent boy band, even if the songs were a little silly.

Sterotypes: The heartthrob, the shy one, the cute one, the older brother (Chris Farley’s brother, to be exact) and the bad boy.

High Point: 2gether was a legitimately likable show, and a good jumping off point for handyman hottie Evan Farmer.

Big Time Rush – I’m legitimately not sure if Big Time Rush counts as a fake band. I’m ruling in their favor, as they began as a TV show and later began touring/releasing CDs. (Why they count but the Jonas Brothers in Jonas would not.)

Stereotypes: The leader, the heartthrob, the wild one, the smart one

High Point: Big Time Rush is a super funny show, but I’m giving the main highlight to Ciara Bravo as Kendall’s little sister. That kid is hilarious.

Fingerbang – From the South Park episode “Something You Can Do with Your Finger.”

Stereotypes: I honestly can’t remember, except Cartman wants to be the tough one.

High Point: Wendy wanting to be in the band but Cartman is sure everyone will notice “her huge freakin’ hooters.”

Mystik Spiral (But we might change our name) –  Trent’s band from Daria. Not actually a boy band, but definitely a band made of boys.

4Skore – King of the Hill’s preferred boy band (although they were only in one episode)

Stereotypes – Todd, Chris, Calvin and Cool Chris

High Point – I can’t find footage of them, but Bobby Hill freak dancing is amazing.


BONUS! Solo artists!

Chip Skylark – The teen idol from the Fairly Odd Parents. Chip is voiced by Chris Kirkpatrick from NSYNC.

Powerline – I think we all know that The Goofy Movie deserves more love.

Tracy Jordan – Not sure Tracy had enough fake music or fake music success to really count here, but Warewolf Bar Mitzvah is one of the best fake novelty party songs in existence.

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