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Can Vitamin C Mixed With Shampoo Remove Hair Dye?

Don’t tempt me with hair dye – especially if it’s pink. While at my friend Stephanie’s house, I saw her Overtone conditioner in the shower and decided then and there that I should have pink hair again. It looked pretty sweet, but then I found out I might have the opportunity to hair model, but would need to be blonde again. I washed my hair with shampoo several times until it had faded into the nice pastel pink at the top of this post (a looooovely color, but again – needed to be blonde), and then started googling up the correct way to mix a bleach rinse. While doing so, I found several websites that suggested that crushing up vitamin C tablets and mixing with shampoo could remove some dye. I figured it couldn’t hurt to try before resorting to bleach.

I crushed up six Vitamin C tablets (3000 mg) and mixed it with about 1/4 cup Neutrogena Anti-Residue Shampoo. I applied it to damp hair, wrapped the whole shebang with some cling wrap and waited about an hour.


As I was waiting with the solution in my hair, I really, really didn’t think that it was going to do anything. My hair still looked incredibly pink. I hopped in the shower and began to rinse my hair. I was immediately taken aback by neon pink water streaming from my hair. Turns out it worked!

It’s not anywhere close to 100% blonde, but it’s definitely a few shades lighter. If you need to lighten up a few shades before a fresh dye job or are trying to get the last few strands of dye out of your hair, I think this could be a good solution!


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