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And Now You Know

And Now You Know

Everything the Internet Told You About Sweet Potato Toast Is a Lie

I’ve been trying to eat more fruits and vegetables lately, and one trend that caught my eye has been food bloggers and their beautiful pictures of sweet potato toasts with such colorful and varied toppings. I’m here to tell you that everything they’ve told you about making sweet potato toast IS A LIE!  Continue Reading

And Now You Know

Best Fictional Boy Bands

Boy bands are amazing. Fictional boy bands are even more amazing. Below I’ve compiled a list of my favorite fake boy bands (in no particular order). I’ve also included a few fake solo artists, BECAUSE I CAN.

Boyz 4 Now – Bob’s Burgers already has some of the most fantastic original songs on TV, so the debut of a boy band was bound to be good.

Sterotypes: The hot one, the cute but shy one, the moody and a little older one and the young one who is crazy good at dancing. One of the many fake boy bands where the older one is clearly OLDER.

High Point: Louise’s new found attraction to Boo Boo – “HE’S THE REASON FACES WERE INVENTED!”

Continue Reading

And Now You Know

Getting Started With The X-Files

Fox just released the first few seconds of footage from the upcoming season of The X-Files and I am SUPER JAZZED! The X-Files is one of my favorite shows of all time (I joke that my favorite genre of TV is Paranormal Procedural), and it always amazes me when people let me know that they haven’t seen any episodes. I imagine that it’s similar to Doctor Who, where newcomers are just overwhelmed by the sheer volume of episodes. With that in mind, I present my “must-see” episodes of The X-Files. Continue Reading

And Now You Know

Idle Thoughts

As I mentioned, feel free to send me a topic to blog about. My cousin asked what I think about while I’m not thinking and, aside from the obvious answer of “nothing,” I realized that I watch tv shows when I’m trying to zone out.

One thing that I’m really good at is quoting movies and television, to the point that people ask how I remember everything. When I’m tired or just want to relax, I generally turn on one of the same shows I’ve watched time and again: Arrested Development, Archer, The Cleveland Show or Community.

Has anyone in his family even seen a chicken?

What do you think about when you’re not thinking?

And Now You Know

Hippo Sweat

When I posted that I started a blog, I also took the opportunity to ask for writing prompts, since I’m not sure what I’ll wind up putting here. My friend Lyndsey suggested “hippo sweat.”

hippo sweatShort answer: Yes, hippos sweat.

More interesting answer: Hippos also produce BLOOD SWEAT, which sounds terrifying but is not.


Blood sweat is neither blood nor sweat. It’s an oily secretion with a reddish hue that acts as natural sunscreen and antiseptic, keeping the hippos sunburn and infection-free. There’s a pretty gross picture of blood sweat after the jump.  Continue Reading