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Moose in a Stitch Costume

That is all! (More pics after the jump) Continue Reading


The Return of Lorde

My ridiculous Lorde costume made it into the South Park 20th Anniversary video. Ya ya ya!


I am Lorde, Ya Ya Ya

I originally assembled my Randy Marsh as Lorde costume to wear for Halloween, but when I heard there’d be a South Park sculpture garden at SDCC, I knew what had to be done. Thank you to Jess for the photos! Continue Reading

Costumes, Vacay


Growing up on the East coast, I went to Disney World very frequently. I only recently took my first trip to Disneyland and decided to DIsneybound while i was at it. (Disneybounding is going dressed in an outfit inspired by a Disney character.) While we were at the park I decided to do a Minnie-inspired outfit. Continue Reading

Costumes, Halloween Spooktacular

Halloween 2013

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Halloween Spooktacular: Sploosh!

Hi my spooky buddies! Halloween is just around the corner, especially if you’re headed to a party this weekend. With that in mind, I thought I’d post something you can pull together in about an hour. Presenting: PAM POOVEY FIGHTING HER WAY THROUGH COLLEGE! Continue Reading


Baberaham Lincoln

Is there anything better than a sexy Abe Lincoln? Continue Reading


Where in the world is…

I grew up watching Carmen Sandiego, so this was a pretty fun costume. Continue Reading



One of my few ready-bought costumes was this Octoberfest girl outfit. Clearly I’m actually part German, because I look ridiculously natural in that costume. And Ruby’s a unicorn.

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Last year (and the year before that, actually) I was also Fionna from Adventure Time! This is one of my favorite costumes that I have. It’s pretty easy to find all of the components at regular stores and Etsy for some of the more Adventurey-Timey items. Continue Reading