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Moose in a Stitch Costume

That is all! (More pics after the jump) Continue Reading

Kate Bakes Cakes

It’s a me, Mario Cake!

A coworker up at Nintendo HQ found an amazing vintage Mario cake pan (Wilton, 1989) and sent it down my way since I’d get the most use out of it. I couldn’t resist and made a funfetti cake for our office’s Mario Kart 8 Deluxe tournament finals! Continue Reading

Kate Bakes Cakes

Diet Coke Cake

When I saw Studio DIY’s post on making a La Croix cake, I immediately knew I wanted to do a can-shaped cake. The birthday of a friend who is notorious for his love of Diet Coke was just around the corner, and I decided to tackle the Diet Coke cake! (Read on for instructions on tailoring the decorations for Diet Coke!) Continue Reading

Kate Bakes Cakes

Baked Goods

I’ve been on a baking streak recently, resulting in a lot of cupcakes and iced cookies. Here are some of my recent creations!  Continue Reading

Tatt Tuesday


To commemorate our BFF and PIC status, KT and I got macaroni tattoos. Why macaroni? Way back in Atlanta, we went to a weekly Bingo night at Jack’s Pizza. Jack’s had macaroni and cheese and bacon pizza that was amazing. Clearly a lot of thought went into this?

Tatt Tuesday


Welp, haven’t had a Tatt Tuesday in a hot minute, so Steph and I got matching D.Va tattoos.

Tatt Tuesday

Never Again

Surprise, surprise: I have a new tattoo! With the premiere of the new episodes of The X-Files looming, I thought it was as good a time as any to get something I’ve wanted for quite awhile: Ed’s tattoo from the episode Never Again. (If you’re unfamiliar with The X-Files, here’s my list of episodes to start with, including Never Again.)


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Dogline Bling

What happens when I dress Moose up like Drake? THE ANSWER MAY SHOCK YOU.


Thanks to my friend Jess for helping me film and to Dale for putting together the music for me!



Moose’s First Haircut!

Moose got his first haircut this week. He’s extra cute now that you can see his face!


Welcome home, Moosey!

I always wanted a second dog. Cricket is pretty much my favorite thing on the entire planet, and I’ve always wanted her to have a buddy to play with. Last November, I decided to move out of San Francisco and closer to the office and my new apartment is basically perfect for dogs! No carpet! Fenced in yard! Huge! Continue Reading