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7 Titles For My Autobiography

1. If I Have to Wear Heals, I Damned Well Be the Tallest Girl at the Bar, or, My Life in Litas Continue Reading

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As I mentioned previously, we went to Mexico for my birthday! One of the things that we got to do while we were there was swim with dolphins, which was super neat. Here are a few selected pictures from the outing, which we made through Vallarta Adventures. (We did two activities through Vallarta Adventures – A+ both times, would recommend to anyone!)

We started off by meeting a sea lion, who totally planted a kiss on Cade.

CINDY (3)Then we got to hang with the dolphins. I’m pretty sure we got a little bit of special treatment since we were a small group of all adults. We got to meet a momma dolphin and her 10-month-old baby dolphin who was in training, then we got to hang out with the only male dolphin and his harem of dolphin lovers. We got to ride, snuggle, pet and kiss dolphins till our hearts were content.

FELIX (82) FELIX (60) FELIX (53) FELIX (13)


Personal, Shenanigans

The Color Run

So, I did the Color Run with some friends. Six shampoos later, and I still have one turquoise streak and one pink streak.

I started the run shiny and clean and tutued!

I started the run shiny and clean and tutued!

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