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Growing up on the East coast, I went to Disney World very frequently. I only recently took my first trip to Disneyland and decided to DIsneybound while i was at it. (Disneybounding is going dressed in an outfit inspired by a Disney character.) While we were at the park I decided to do a Minnie-inspired outfit. Continue Reading

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Universal Studios!

I was so busy working/twerking at E3 that I didn’t get many pictures aside from me and Pikmin.


While in LA, we got to hang with my good friends Kyle and Bobby. Here’s a photo of Stephanie, Kyle and me at my favorite bar in the world, Tiki-Ti. I’m drinking a Blue Hawaiian!


The day after E3, I got to go to Universal Studios, where I met Optimus Prime with my friend Nikki.



Some pervy guy named Milhouse wouldn’t stop checking out my butt while we were there.


And then I made out with Jaws, because I live every week like it’s Shark Week!


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Punk Rock Bowling

If you know me, you know I really don’t care for Las Vegas, primarily because I think gambling is stupid. Since I hate Vegas so much, I decided to go there for Punk Rock Bowling!

I actually discovered that I like Old Vegas much more than the Strip (we stayed at the Golden Nugget). Vegas was hot as hell though, which made being outside to see bands kind of miserable. There were tons of bands that played, but my favorites were Bad Religion, Bouncing Soul and DEVO. It was kind of like being at the Warped Tour ten years ago but it was only adults and no 15-year-olds.

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Ziplining in Puerto Vallarta

I went to Nuevo Vallarta for my birthday this year. While we were there, we went on a ziplining excursion in Puerto Vallarta, which is the jungle where Predator was filmed. I didn’t see any Predators, but I guess that’s kind of how Predators roll. Continue Reading

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As I mentioned previously, we went to Mexico for my birthday! One of the things that we got to do while we were there was swim with dolphins, which was super neat. Here are a few selected pictures from the outing, which we made through Vallarta Adventures. (We did two activities through Vallarta Adventures – A+ both times, would recommend to anyone!)

We started off by meeting a sea lion, who totally planted a kiss on Cade.

CINDY (3)Then we got to hang with the dolphins. I’m pretty sure we got a little bit of special treatment since we were a small group of all adults. We got to meet a momma dolphin and her 10-month-old baby dolphin who was in training, then we got to hang out with the only male dolphin and his harem of dolphin lovers. We got to ride, snuggle, pet and kiss dolphins till our hearts were content.

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