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Splatoon 2: Salmon Run

Kit and Krysta were nice enough to ask me to join them on Nintendo Minute to play a little Splatoon 2 – specifically Salmon Run mode. It’s an ink-redibly fun addition to the modes of Splatoon!

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Pokemon Ride: The Definitive Ranking

Pokemon Sun and Moon has introduced a great new feature that allows you to ride seven Pokemon, each with their own unique power. Some are better than others:

7. Lapras Paddle – Replacing Surf, Lapras allows you to travel through the water. It’s definitely helpful, but in a choice between Lapras Paddle and Sharpedo Jet, WHY WOULD YOU EVER PICK THE LAPRAS?

6. Machamp Shove – While it seems like a no-brainer that a big strong Pokebro should help you by moving large objects, it’s rill weird that he cradles you in his second set of arms while he does it. Why does he need to hold you at all? Why not use all four arms to do the heavy lifting?

5. Mudsdale Gallop – As much as I love ponies, Mudsdale Gallop just doesn’t excite me. I wouldn’t say that Mudsdale Gallops as much as he just trots over rocks. (If this was renamed “Doing the Rocks Trot” this would skyrocket to number one.)

4. Stoutland Search -Riding on a giant puppy seems like it should be one of my dreams, however, Stoutland travels pretty slowly while searching and I gotta go fast.

3. Tauros Charge – While riding a bull might not seem super exciting, I’m giving it points for being my preferred method of egg hatching. Load up on eggs, head to the broken pen right below the nursery and charge in circles to hatch eggs super fast. Not quite as good as the coin trick from Pokemon X and Y, but still quick and effective!

2. Charizard Glide – YOU. GET. TO. FLY. ON. A. DRAGON.

1. Sharpedo Jet – What could possibly be better than riding a shark jet-ski through the beautiful waters of the Alola region? LITERALLY NOTHING.

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Pocket Card Jockey QR Codes

Hi, my name is Kate and I’m obsessed with Pocket Card Jockey. Please take my Pocket Card Jockey QR codes and make some fantastic racing ponies. If you’re looking for more QR Codes, can I recommend the Pocket Card Jockey Catalog Tumblr? Whoever is running it is doing a great job tagging everything so you can find horses with certain traits.

And now, introducing the Taco Bell Racing team…


WVW69jQ2aQ4ZRuf_6p Continue Reading

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Tomodachi Life Mii QR Codes

I’ve been working to fill up the apartment building in my game of Tomodachi Life and there are SO. MANY. APARTMENTS. I love looking at Miis others have made, but they don’t always have the Tomodachi Life data — which makes adding them to your island super quick (not to mention they’ll come with an outfit, interior and catchphrase). I thought I’d add some of these here in case anyone else is looking for new residents!

Got any to share? I still have like a dozen empty apartments.

Please not that I did not make all of these. Many are regular Miis from and I gave them personalities, outfits, etc., in Tomodachi Life.

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Welcome to Boutique Couture!


One of my favorite new features of Pokemon X is getting to dress up your trainer. (I know, I know, I’m such a girl.) Naturally, I was super excited when I finally made it into Lumiose City and saw that there was a boutique practically overflowing with new styles of clothing. And then I was immediately told that I wasn’t stylish enough to shop there. After yelling for about 20 minutes that HEY THAT’S NOT HOW CAPITALISM WORKS, LUMIOSE CITY, I set about trying to get a more stylish outfit. Continue Reading

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My Pokeymans. Let Me Show You Them.

You may or may not have noticed by my excessive tweets about Pokemon, but I’ve been playing a lot lately. I finished the game earlier this week and the first question everyone asks is what Pokemon were in my party for the Elite Four. I chose to build a well-rounded party so that I could do my playthrough without switching Pokemon in and out. I definitely fall in the category of trainers that rely on brute strength over the long defense game. Continue Reading

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Pokémon X and Y Launch Event

Last night was the Pokémon X and Y launch event at Nintendo World, and boy was it packed full of hundreds of hundreds of Pokémon trainers! The line wrapped around the entire block and then doubled over on itself! Continue Reading

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ACNL: Rollin’ in the Dough!

I wanted to share a few of my favorite tips for making money in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. None of these are super groundbreaking, but they might be helpful for new players.

originalBellionaire Strategies

When you first start out, you won’t have access to the island until you pay your home loan. Pick every fruit and pickup every seashell you can find. Buy whichever tool is available and fish or catch bugs until you have access to the island.

Once the island is open, concentrate on the beetles that are available during the night. After 6 PM is a good time to start. You’ll quickly pick up on which get you the most bells.

You’ll also want to take advantage of the turnips that Joan sells every Sunday, as they allow you to make money at a pretty exponential rate. The best way to get a good selling price is ping your friends, or even strangers on Twitter. (#ACNL, y’all!) If you’ve got a wide enough network of friends, you’ll usually be able to get a selling price between 350-600 bells per turnip.

Perfect fruit is another good way to make money. Remember that each perfect fruit tree will die after the third round of fruit and replant accordingly. DON’T sell the perfect fruit in your own town – visit someone with a different native fruit.



Animal Crossing

ACNL Update: Introducing Stefon!

Meet Stefon! I started a second character in my town, and his house is finally at a point I’m willing to share with you. I haven’t fully expanded his house because I’m not sure what to put in it, but, drumroll please……

Welcome to my ice cream shop!!
HNI_0022 HNI_0029 HNI_0028 HNI_0024Most (okay, so almost all of it except for like two things) of the items are from the Sweets Collection available at Gracie’s store. If you’re interested in your own adorable ice cream shop, here’s the QR code for the uniform! ice-cream

Animal Crossing

Dumpling Hut QR Code

HNI_0088Requested by Aria. Go forth and franchise my fake restaurant! 😀