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Diet Coke Cake

When I saw Studio DIY’s post on making a La Croix cake, I immediately knew I wanted to do a can-shaped cake. The birthday of a friend who is notorious for his love of Diet Coke was just around the corner, and I decided to tackle the Diet Coke cake! (Read on for instructions on tailoring the decorations for Diet Coke!)

I followed Kelly’s basic instructions, settling on five six-inch layers. While she opted to use a five-inch layer up top, I chose to use frosting to mimic the can shape. Additionally, for the pop top and lid, I stuck to buttercream frosting piped on since everything was going to wind up silver anyway.

To get the signature silver sheen of a Diet Coke can, I used Wilton Color Mist spray on the entire cake. After allowing that to dry, I freehanded the Diet Coke logo and decorative swoop with buttercream. I’m very comfortable with my frosting skills, however, Studio DIY’s post includes instructions on using card stock or other heavy paper to press the outline of the logo into the frosting.

This is the first table I purchased a turntable for, and I’ve got to say it was money well spent!

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