Halloween Spooktacular: Sploosh!

Hi my spooky buddies! Halloween is just around the corner, especially if you’re headed to a party this weekend. With that in mind, I thought I’d post something you can pull together in about an hour. Presenting: PAM POOVEY FIGHTING HER WAY THROUGH COLLEGE!

You’ll need:

  • Grey sweatpants (But let’s be honest, jeans would probably be fine)
  • A white tank top
  • Athletic wraps (Look in the bandages section a drugstore)
  • Fake blood (It’s Halloween, you can find fake blood everywhere.)

I put this costume together in a pinch to enter Amber Nash’s #IAmPamPoovey giveaway, which I lost to a girl who deserved it way more than I did. So while I don’t have the officially licensed HR Dolphin puppet, I do have a fake off-brand one and got retweeted by Amber Nash, so that’s cool.


“Sorry ’bout your homie …homies.”

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