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As literally every other single blog in the world is wont to do, I wanted to kick off 2014 by taking a minute to remember a few of the high points of 2013.

It feels like the beginning of 2013 was a decade ago, but the first high point of my year was being brought on full time by Nintendo in February. I had been contracting for about eight months and was, and still am, incredibly grateful to have been given the opportunity to join the company permanently.

2013 was one of the first years I was able to travel. While I lived in Atlanta, I loved to do little weekend trips, but I didn’t frequently take anything that qualified as an actual vacation. 2012 was a money suck between moving to San Francisco and then getting laid off six months after moving. I was incredibly lucky to win a travel credit to Gilt from Gogo Inflight Internet (seriously, how random is that) and used it to have an incredible birthday in Mexico. I also had great vacations in Tahoe, Palm Springs, Denver and Las Vegas.

I also got to travel quite a bit for work. I know not everyone is a fan of business travel, but I really do like it. I got to do PAX East, PAX Prime, New York Comic Con and my very first E3. Conferences and meetings also took me to New York a few times, Chicago, Atlanta, Baltimore, LA, Seattle and Orlando. (Seriously, my top five places on Foursquare are my house, Nintendo’s RWC office, Nintendo’s Redmond office, SFO and Sea-Tac. I’ve been all over the place this year.)

I’ve tried my hand at a few organized sports this year, including a bowling league with my friend Julie, and a softball team with Corey. While I can’t say I excel at either sport, I do like having something regularly scheduled on the weekend with buddies. So sorry Pitches Be Crazy, you guys are stuck with me as a right fielder until you decide to throw a coup to get rid of me.

2013 was also pretty great of the music front. I normally am not a fan of music festivals, but was incredibly lucky to find two this year that had really strong line ups that made it worth slogging through crowds: Punk Rock Bowling and Riot Fest Denver. Reggie and the Full Effect, one of my favorite bands ever, kickstarted a new album and I was able to kick in enough money to have James Dewees skype me and sing me my favorite song.

Well, I think that’s enough schmaltzy reminiscing for now. I’m not really a resolution gal so nothing to report on that front, but I will say that my personal goals for the moment are finding a way to get back into running (I hate running in the city because of traffic/busy sidewalks) and to stop screwing with my hair (I’ve figured out that Bumble and Bumble surf spray means I don’t have to brush or dry it and it has been LIFECHANGING.)

I hope your 2013 was as good as mine.


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  • Reply Mom January 7, 2014 at 11:09 am

    You really are a great writer! Too bad Mom and Dad visiting didn’t even get a mention. But I bet you have a lot of friends who said you left them out, too. Be glad you are not in ATL for the cold, cold weather we are having. Daddy’s the only one who has left the house in 2 days! Love ya! Mom

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