Make Your Own Nail Decals

Recently I came across a few different techniques for nail art that involve making your own decals. It’s pretty fun to do, and is actually a really great solution if there’s a markedly different skill level between your dominant hand and non-dominant one. (AKA your left hand looks great and your right hand looks… shaky.)

To start, you’ll need your normal polishes and a surface that you can paint on and peel from. Some people choose to use sandwich bags, but I’ll be using my brand new Uber Mat.  I’ve been practicing with making nail decals and another technique called reverse stamping, and the Uber Mat is super easy to clean and the polishes peel off really easily.

To start, paint squares of your base coat on areas big enough to cover your nails. Let that dry. (Note: if you’re using the Uber Mat, it might bubble up just a bit as the polish dries. This is super normal so don’t freak out.)

Next, paint your design onto the polish square. Let dry completely.

Using tweezers, peel off the polish decal.

Put a light coat of basecoat on your nail and position the polish decal over your nail. Press down once it’s in place.

Using an angled brush with nail polish remover, clean up the excess polish. Finish with top coat and you’re good to go!

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