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My Pokeymans. Let Me Show You Them.

You may or may not have noticed by my excessive tweets about Pokemon, but I’ve been playing a lot lately. I finished the game earlier this week and the first question everyone asks is what Pokemon were in my party for the Elite Four. I chose to build a well-rounded party so that I could do my playthrough without switching Pokemon in and out. I definitely fall in the category of trainers that rely on brute strength over the long defense game.


Pokemon #1: Cheeseykins, my Chesnaught

Cheeseykins, my faithful starter Pokemon, was selected because a) Chespin is adorable and b) LOOK AT DAT POKEYMAN UP THERE. IT’S LIKE A FREAKING TRANSFORMER. I’ve got Cheeseykins with two grass attacks (seed bomb, needle arm), one bug (pin missile) and one fighting (hammer).


Pokemon #2: Mega Blastoise

I selected Squirtle as my 1st gen starter because I’ve traditionally been frustrated that it generally takes a longer time to get a water-type. Additionally, Mega Blastoise evolves a tiny evil goatee and a giant canon, so what’s not to love?


Pokemon #3: Mega Lucario

I chose to keep the Lucario that was offered, and he came with a mega stone. I equipped him with Power-Up Punch, which is one of my favorite fighting moves.



Pokemon #4: Snorlax

Eevee, I’mma let you finish, but Snorlax is the best Pokemon of ALL TIME. I personally consider Snorlax to be my spirit animal since his hobbies are sleeping and eating. Snorlax makes a great HM Pokemon, and if you’ve never been surfing on a Snorlax, you’re missing out. Fun Fact: I captured Mewtwo using only Snorlax and Body Slam. (Protip: Mewtwo is easier to capture if he’s paralyzed or asleep – Body Slam will eventually paralyze him.)


Pokemon #5: Xerneas

I love Xerneas because I love ponies, and he’s pretty pony-like. It was a hard decision to put him in my party because I had a Sylveon hanging out as resident fairy-type Pokemon, but the legendary eventually won out. I loved having him during the dragon-type fight of the Elite 4, as I managed to one-hit kill all of the dragon types.


Pokemon #6: Talonflame

Traditionally I’ve kept a Pidgey around as my Pokemon that can use Fly. This time, I decided to try Talonflame to balance my party out with a fire type. I fought a couple of the new Sky Battles and was able to beat trainers with three Pokemon with only Talonflame, so that was good.

Welp, that’s my party. Honorable mention goes out to Marowak, who I switched out for Lucario after beating the E4. I’ve been using him with False Swipe to continue trying to catch ’em all.

Let me know which Pokemon are in your party in the comments!




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