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Pokémon X and Y Launch Event

Last night was the Pokémon X and Y launch event at Nintendo World, and boy was it packed full of hundreds of hundreds of Pokémon trainers! The line wrapped around the entire block and then doubled over on itself! Here’s a few snaps from the night:


This was really early in the night, right after we started letting people in. By the end of the night, it was virtually impossible to move around in Rockerfeller Plaza.


We had costume contests, trainer says games, and my favorite – the Pikachu freeze dance. Pikachu definitely has the best moves.



Mr. Aonuma, the producer of the Zelda series, wanted to come to the launch event since he hadn’t been to Nintendo World before. GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY FOR SELFIES! Mr. Aonuma is incredibly nice and thanks to him for putting up with us all wanting pictures. 🙂



Getting to wait inside was a definite perk of being a Nintendo employee. Here’s me hanging with my coworkers Kit and David.


At midnight, Zoe was the first person to purchase from Nintendo World. She looked a wee bit nervous about the fact we totally paparazzi-ed her, but was super excited to get started with the game!

Did you get X or Y? Who are you starting with?

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