six attainable resolutions

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m not really a resolution setting kinda lady. However, at New Year’s Even dinner, my friends and I were joking about setting 100% attainable resolutions. Here are my totally doable resolutions:

Clean my room at least once in 2014.


Finish binge-watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Netflix.


Go on ONE Okcupid date. (After one, I’ll never want another one again.)


Reactivate my Mint.com account, not because I’m good with sticking to a budget, but because the guilt associated with seeing where I spend my money helps keep it in check.


At least try a new group fitness class. Pop Physique sounds kinda fun.

tumblr_mryg1a5r1h1qapigqo1_500Get a new tattoo.


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    […] Welp, I got another tattoo. Way to make good on one of my attainable resolutions. […]

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