six attainable resolutions

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m not really a resolution setting kinda lady. However, at New Year’s Even dinner, my friends and I were joking about setting 100% attainable resolutions. Here are my totally doable resolutions:

Clean my room at least once in 2014.


Finish binge-watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Netflix.


Go on ONE Okcupid date. (After one, I’ll never want another one again.)


Reactivate my account, not because I’m good with sticking to a budget, but because the guilt associated with seeing where I spend my money helps keep it in check.


At least try a new group fitness class. Pop Physique sounds kinda fun.

tumblr_mryg1a5r1h1qapigqo1_500Get a new tattoo.


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    […] Welp, I got another tattoo. Way to make good on one of my attainable resolutions. […]

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