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Animal Crossing

Dumpling Hut QR Code

HNI_0088Requested by Aria. Go forth and franchise my fake restaurant! 😀


Animal Crossing, Video Games

Strawbery Wallpaper

berry wallpaper


Someone asked for my strawberry wallpaper, so here it is!

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing House Tour: Main Room

The main room of my house has cabana furniture and hand-drawn strawberry wallpaper.

HNI_0014 HNI_0015

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing House Tour: Kitchen

My first floor right-hand wing is a kitchen, featuring a chocolate fondue fountain and fresh fruit bar!

HNI_0016 HNI_0017 HNI_0018

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing House Tour: Redneck Room!

My basement room is affectionally referred to as the Redneck Room. Among its many luxurious features are an inflatable swimming pool complete with duckie, lawn chairs, cowhide rug, pink flamingos and a bonfire! I originally started calling it the rumpus room, but my coworkers hated it when I said that. 🙂

HNI_0010 HNI_0011 HNI_0012 HNI_0013

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing House Tour: Mermaid Room

Now that I’ve taken you to the Dumpling Hut, let’s visit my mermaid room! I’ve visited the island numerous times and all I’m missing from this set is the damn lamp. I’ll get it one day!

HNI_0027 HNI_0028 HNI_0029 HNI_0030

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing House Tour: Dumpling Hut

As I mentioned, I’m obsessed with Animal Crossing. I have 211 hours since I became the mayor of Lizards! I’m going to go through the rooms in my house for you guys, starting with my favorite: Dumpling Hut, my in-home dim sum restaurant.

HNI_0020 HNI_0021 HNI_0024 HNI_0025 HNI_0026

Animal Crossing, Video Games

Animal Crossing: New Leaf

I’ve been pretty obsessed with Animal Crossing: New Leaf since I first got my hand on a copy. I’ll do a house/city tour sometime in the future, but for now – have some QR codes!