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Punk Rock Bowling

If you know me, you know I really don’t care for Las Vegas, primarily because I think gambling is stupid. Since I hate Vegas so much, I decided to go there for Punk Rock Bowling!

I actually discovered that I like Old Vegas much more than the Strip (we stayed at the Golden Nugget). Vegas was hot as hell though, which made being outside to see bands kind of miserable. There were tons of bands that played, but my favorites were Bad Religion, Bouncing Soul and DEVO. It was kind of like being at the Warped Tour ten years ago but it was only adults and no 15-year-olds.

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Rocket From the Crypt

After dropping cash to see RFTC in both Sacramento and Denver because they won’t freaking schedule a show in San Francisco, I managed to win tickets to see them play with Suicidal Tendencies, courtesy of Converse. It was an amazing show and my first time actually getting to see RFTC live. You can see a very unflattering shot of me about :40 seconds into this video.