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What to Expect While You’re Expecting (A Weave)

1013481_10100971251002227_1126984059_nHey guys, I got a weave. (Technically hair extensions and not a weave, but I love saying that my hair is UNBEWEAVEABLE.)

I really didn’t like that short hair cut – it was pretty triangular and unflattering – and I’ve always been curious about hair extensions. They’re pretty costly and probably a big decision for many woman, so I thought I’d share a bit in case anyone else is in the market. Here’s what I’ve learned:

YOU’RE GONNA HAVE A LOT OF HAIR. Be prepared to sit on your hair. Be prepared to get tangled up in it while you sleep, especially if you toss and turn a lot like I do. I’ve started sleeping with it in a braid to keep it out of the way and tangle-free.

YOU’LL GET ASKED ABOUT IT A BUNCH FOR THE FIRST FEW DAYS. There’s no way to hide that you magically got super long hair overnight. Lots of people will make jokes like, “Oh your hair grows so fast!”

IT MAY NOT MATCH YOUR HAIR. Color-wise, my extensions match perfectly. However, the extensions aren’t necessarily the same. The products that I was using on my hair make my extensions feel a little dry, and the stuff that makes them feel silky smooth make my natural hair a little greasy. It might take some time to find the right balance of products.

YOU’VE STILL GOT SHORT HAIR. I’ve been wearing my hair wavy, half because I sleep with it in a braid and wake up with the awesome waves pictured above, and half because it helps camouflage the area where my natural  hair stops and gives way to all extensions. It’s a little harder to hide when I wear it straight.

YOU’VE GOT TO BE GENTLE. I have Hot Heads extensions, which are kind of taped into your hair. I was trying to detangle one night and accidentally pulled one out. The selfies that followed were great Reddit fodder.




Tinted Conditioner

One thing that I get asked often is how I get my hair to go from pink to blonde to blue so fast without bleach. Half of the answer is I’m super blonde so I don’t  need the bleach, and the other half is tinted conditioner.

I first heard about this on the Beauty Department. They recommended Davines Alchemic Conditioner, which is a product designed for redheads to use in between dyes to amplify the color. It just happens to turn blonde hair pink for a few washes. UPDATE: I noticed I occasionally get traffic from people searching how to get Davines out of their hair. If you are using a color-safe shampoo (I’m assuming you have dyed red hair and were using it for  it’s intended purpose if you didn’t actually want pink hair), go to the drugstore and pick up a cheap clarifying shampoo. Then just shampoo, rinse and repeat until the color comes out.



After that, I thought to myself, “Gee, this would be fun in blue.” A lo and behold, Urban Outfitters sells Water Color Hydrating Conditioner, which is basically the same but is supposed to be wild colors. I’ve been dying the tips of my hair with the Seafoam color lately, and I absolutely love it. I want to pick up the Water Color in every shade eventually…



Basically you just use these like you would normal conditioner. Shampoo, then apply, wait about five minutes then rinse. It’s actually harder to do all-over color with them (at least for me), because the conditioner makes your hair stick together but it’s not necessarily all colored. Both of these wash out of my hair in about five washes, although I’ve heard you can apply to dry hair and leave on for a longer period of time to make it last longer.