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Tatt Tuesday, Video Games

Tatt Tuesday! Murder of Crows!

I think we can all agree that Bioshock Infinite was pretty badass. I think we can all agree that Murder of Crows was totally the best vigor. Continue Reading

Tatt Tuesday, Video Games

Tatt Tuesday! Bubble Bobble!

Today’s Tatt Tuesday features Bub and Bob from Bubble Bobble! It’s one of my favorite arcade games and they’re adooooorable!

One time I was hanging out at Bottom of the Hill and a fairly cute dude hit on me for about half an hour, and then he goes, “What’s that tattoo on your leg?” So I tell him that it’s from Bubble Bobble and he asks if I even play video games. At which point I responded, “No, I got the tattoo because dudes are just really attracted to bubble dragons,” and walked off.

Tatt Tuesday

Tatt Tuesday! Georgia!

I was born and raised in Georgia, and lived there until I was 25. After that, I decided that video games sounded like a way more fun job than working at a PR agency and I packed up all my stuff into a minivan and embarked on a cross country road trip to my new home in San Francisco.

My bff Maria and I got matching Georgia tattoos a few months after I moved. These were done by Charles Chatov at Only You Tattoo in Atlanta, GA. Mine has the pink dogwoods.

Side note: The crazy foot brusies and scrapes I’m rocking in this photo is from sliding down a hallway on my knees. Wear socks when you do that.

Personal, Tatt Tuesday

Tatt Tuesday! Twin Peaks!

Guys, I love Twin Peaks. That is why it’s only fitting that I got the same tattoo that was left on the Log Lady after she was abducted. One day I’ll meet a nice boy with Col. Briggs’ tattoo and we will be married.

Fun fact: This is the only tattoo I’ve gotten in San Francisco.

Not fun fact: Twin Peaks, the neighborhood in SF, has nothing to do with Twin Peaks the TV show. Don’t get excited about that.