Tatt Tuesday

Tatt Tuesday! Guns ‘n Roses Edition

Having tattoos that you got because they look cool is awesome. This gun looks awesome. It still looks awesome. I think it’s hilarious that it’s in the right spot for a holster. It makes me giggle that the barrel of a gun pokes out of my swimsuit.

However, people (generally non-tattooed, but even some tattooed folks) have a hard time accepting that I have no emotional connection to this tattoo. This is a conversation that I’ve had to have multiple times and still have no good explanation. My third tattoo is probably the one I have the least of an explanation for. If I’m on the spot and being forced to explain, I’ll usually point out that it’s on my bad hip. Which it is, but that doesn’t really mean anything – BUT IT SURE IS BITCHIN’.

FYI – My mom was visibly upset when she saw this for the first time. I’m pretty sure she still hates it.

This was done at Psycho Tattoos by Josh Hanes, who I honestly have no idea whether or not is still there.




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