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The Power of Makeup

I recently caught NikkieTutorial‘s video “The Power of Makeup.” In it, she does a full face on one side of her face and leaves the other completely bare.

I’ve recently gotten quite a few compliments that I ‘look well-rested’ or ‘fresh-faced.’ This is entirely due to two things that have nothing to do with actually being well rested. 1) I dyed my eyebrows darker and 2) I got a new contouring palate. I think a lot of people assume that my daily look is no or minimal makeup, because when I’m going out I like to wear a lot of makeup with crazy amounts of black eyeliner. But the truth is, I wear foundation, contour/highlights, blush, a nude eye and two types of mascara layered over each other almost everyday.

So here’s my half-makeup selfie! It’s not quite as dramatic as Nikki’s since it’s my everyday look, but you can still see the power of makeup (which in my case, largely revolves around making me look less pink). IMG_0709

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