Water Marbling with OPI ColorPaints

Yesterday, after seeing a video from OPI of a water marbled manicure done with their new ColorPaints line, I decided to try water marbling for the first time.

Seems easy enough right? I didn’t have any OPI Glitter Off, so I used Elmer’s Glue instead. Along the way, I learned a few key things about water marbling:

  • The water absolutely has to be room temperature!
  • I had an issue with tap water, and read a few nail bloggers that suggested using filtered or bottled water.
  • It’s easier to use a cup, since the smaller surface area helps the paint to not spread out too far.
  • The actual manicure isn’t super hard, but the clean up is not fun. The Elmer’s definitely worked (remember how there was always the weird kid in art class who would cover their hand in glue and then peel it off? The same idea applies here), but I didn’t put it far enough down on my fingers.

My first try wound up only looking good on two fingers, so I went back to the drawing board on those two.


All-in-all, I think they turned out pretty good for my first try. It definitely could have been much, much worse! I actually ordered another bottle of the ColorPaints that my local Ulta didn’t have (green!), and am going to try to water marble again when it comes in.


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