Welcome home, Moosey!

I always wanted a second dog. Cricket is pretty much my favorite thing on the entire planet, and I’ve always wanted her to have a buddy to play with. Last November, I decided to move out of San Francisco and closer to the office and my new apartment is basically perfect for dogs! No carpet! Fenced in yard! Huge!

I decided to start looking for a puppy on National Puppy Day. One of the rescue groups that my friend has gotten two dogs from posted a picture of the cutest puppy, and I knew I was ready for another dog. Unfortunately, 30 other people also thought that this puppy was perfect for them, and I did not get to adopt that dog. Because I had already started imagining our life together (yes, I’m crazy), it stung to not get the dog and I started getting serious about dog hunting.

I wasn’t dead set on a puppy – I knew it would be easier to adopt a dog that was already housebroken and knew a few tricks. When I saw Moose’s picture pop up on the Humane Society Silicon Valley‘s website, I knew he was for me. I left work, picked up Cricket and drove to Milpitas immediately.


…Unfortunately, Moose was not there. He had been in foster care and it was supposed to be his first day in the actual adoption center but his foster parents were having some car trouble. I spoke to an adoption worker who told me I would need to come back when Moose was there so that he could meet Cricket, but that I still had to be the first person to get there.

Luckily, I got a call the next morning that I could come meet Moose before the adoption center opened. I grabbed Cricket and headed over. Cricket was pretty indifferent towards Moose, which was good enough for the Humane Society. Moose came home with us that day, April 8, 2015. He and Cricket have become fast friends, and I love watching them play together.

Moose is the silliest little fluffball. He’s so soft, and he’s such a mama’s boy. He follows me around and gives me a quick bark if he thinks I’ve left him alone for too long (like five minutes). At his first vet visit, we found out that he’s actually missing a bunch of toes – two of his paws only have one toe! He’s fine and the vet says there shouldn’t be any long term impact. He’s such a special little puppy and I’m so glad that he is in my life now.

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