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Welcome to Boutique Couture!


One of my favorite new features of Pokemon X is getting to dress up your trainer. (I know, I know, I’m such a girl.) Naturally, I was super excited when I finally made it into Lumiose City and saw that there was a boutique practically overflowing with new styles of clothing. And then I was immediately told that I wasn’t stylish enough to shop there. After yelling for about 20 minutes that HEY THAT’S NOT HOW CAPITALISM WORKS, LUMIOSE CITY, I set about trying to get a more stylish outfit.

Until I realized that the “style” that gets you entrance into Boutique Couture is not based on how stylish your outfit is, it’s based on completing actions in Lumiose City. Pokefriends, I present to you a list of what will unlock Boutique Couture:

  • Making Trainer PR Videos
  • Having a Furfrou groomed
  • Entering the LOTO-ID
  • Working at the Hotel
  • Talking to the reporter at the newspaper
  • Battling at the Battle Institute or in restaurants
  • Shopping at stores
  • Taking cabs or riding Gogoats
  • Taking the audio tour at the museum

You don’t have to do all of these, they don’t count equally towards style points, and you can’t check how many points you have. I know that being “stylish” unlocks extra discounts and some other stuff around Lumiose City, but I am currently not stylish enough to find out. 😉

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