Big Life Update!

So guys… big news! After a little over five years at Nintendo and six in the SF Bay Area, I’ve decided it’s time to shake things up a little. I’ll always be grateful for my time at Nintendo, and I am not exaggerating when I say that the people at Nintendo are some of the best people on the planet.

Today I started as a social media manager at Blizzard Entertainment! I’m very excited to work for another great company that I truly love. If I had a time machine and could go back and tell lil game nerd Kate that this is where she’d be in 20 years, she wouldn’t believe you… And then she’d probably talk to you about time travel theories for about 30 minutes. Never said I was a cool kid.


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Nintendo, Video Games

Splatoon 2: Salmon Run

Kit and Krysta were nice enough to ask me to join them on Nintendo Minute to play a little Splatoon 2 – specifically Salmon Run mode. It’s an ink-redibly fun addition to the modes of Splatoon!

Kate Bakes Cakes

It’s a me, Mario Cake!

A coworker up at Nintendo HQ found an amazing vintage Mario cake pan (Wilton, 1989) and sent it down my way since I’d get the most use out of it. I couldn’t resist and made a funfetti cake for our office’s Mario Kart 8 Deluxe tournament finals! Continue Reading

Tatt Tuesday


To commemorate our BFF and PIC status, KT and I got macaroni tattoos. Why macaroni? Way back in Atlanta, we went to a weekly Bingo night at Jack’s Pizza. Jack’s had macaroni and cheese and bacon pizza that was amazing. Clearly a lot of thought went into this?

Video Games

Pokemon Ride: The Definitive Ranking

Pokemon Sun and Moon has introduced a great new feature that allows you to ride seven Pokemon, each with their own unique power. Some are better than others:

7. Lapras Paddle – Replacing Surf, Lapras allows you to travel through the water. It’s definitely helpful, but in a choice between Lapras Paddle and Sharpedo Jet, WHY WOULD YOU EVER PICK THE LAPRAS?

6. Machamp Shove – While it seems like a no-brainer that a big strong Pokebro should help you by moving large objects, it’s rill weird that he cradles you in his second set of arms while he does it. Why does he need to hold you at all? Why not use all four arms to do the heavy lifting?

5. Mudsdale Gallop – As much as I love ponies, Mudsdale Gallop just doesn’t excite me. I wouldn’t say that Mudsdale Gallops as much as he just trots over rocks. (If this was renamed “Doing the Rocks Trot” this would skyrocket to number one.)

4. Stoutland Search -Riding on a giant puppy seems like it should be one of my dreams, however, Stoutland travels pretty slowly while searching and I gotta go fast.

3. Tauros Charge – While riding a bull might not seem super exciting, I’m giving it points for being my preferred method of egg hatching. Load up on eggs, head to the broken pen right below the nursery and charge in circles to hatch eggs super fast. Not quite as good as the coin trick from Pokemon X and Y, but still quick and effective!

2. Charizard Glide – YOU. GET. TO. FLY. ON. A. DRAGON.

1. Sharpedo Jet – What could possibly be better than riding a shark jet-ski through the beautiful waters of the Alola region? LITERALLY NOTHING.