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Pocket Card Jockey QR Codes

Hi, my name is Kate and I’m obsessed with Pocket Card Jockey. Please take my Pocket Card Jockey QR codes and make some fantastic racing ponies. If you’re looking for more QR Codes, can I recommend the Pocket Card Jockey Catalog Tumblr? Whoever is running it is doing a great job tagging everything so you can find horses with certain traits.

And now, introducing the Taco Bell Racing team…


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And Now You Know

Best Fictional Boy Bands

Boy bands are amazing. Fictional boy bands are even more amazing. Below I’ve compiled a list of my favorite fake boy bands (in no particular order). I’ve also included a few fake solo artists, BECAUSE I CAN.

Boyz 4 Now – Bob’s Burgers already has some of the most fantastic original songs on TV, so the debut of a boy band was bound to be good.

Sterotypes: The hot one, the cute but shy one, the moody and a little older one and the young one who is crazy good at dancing. One of the many fake boy bands where the older one is clearly OLDER.

High Point: Louise’s new found attraction to Boo Boo – “HE’S THE REASON FACES WERE INVENTED!”

2gether – MTV’s foray into the fake boy band, 2gether, was actually a pretty decent boy band, even if the songs were a little silly.

Sterotypes: The heartthrob, the shy one, the cute one, the older brother (Chris Farley’s brother, to be exact) and the bad boy.

High Point: 2gether was a legitimately likable show, and a good jumping off point for handyman hottie Evan Farmer.

Big Time Rush – I’m legitimately not sure if Big Time Rush counts as a fake band. I’m ruling in their favor, as they began as a TV show and later began touring/releasing CDs. (Why they count but the Jonas Brothers in Jonas would not.)

Stereotypes: The leader, the heartthrob, the wild one, the smart one

High Point: Big Time Rush is a super funny show, but I’m giving the main highlight to Ciara Bravo as Kendall’s little sister. That kid is hilarious.

Fingerbang – From the South Park episode “Something You Can Do with Your Finger.”

Stereotypes: I honestly can’t remember, except Cartman wants to be the tough one.

High Point: Wendy wanting to be in the band but Cartman is sure everyone will notice “her huge freakin’ hooters.”

Mystik Spiral (But we might change our name) –  Trent’s band from Daria. Not actually a boy band, but definitely a band made of boys.

4Skore – King of the Hill’s preferred boy band (although they were only in one episode)

Stereotypes – Todd, Chris, Calvin and Cool Chris

High Point – I can’t find footage of them, but Bobby Hill freak dancing is amazing.


BONUS! Solo artists!

Chip Skylark – The teen idol from the Fairly Odd Parents. Chip is voiced by Chris Kirkpatrick from NSYNC.

Powerline – I think we all know that The Goofy Movie deserves more love.

Tracy Jordan – Not sure Tracy had enough fake music or fake music success to really count here, but Warewolf Bar Mitzvah is one of the best fake novelty party songs in existence.


Valentine’s Day Nail Art Tutorial

I’m OBSESSED with the Hello Kitty by OPI nail polishes!

✨my arm hurts✨

#xfiles #neveragain #traditionaltattoo
Tatt Tuesday

Never Again

Surprise, surprise: I have a new tattoo! With the premiere of the new episodes of The X-Files looming, I thought it was as good a time as any to get something I’ve wanted for quite awhile: Ed’s tattoo from the episode Never Again. (If you’re unfamiliar with The X-Files, here’s my list of episodes to start with, including Never Again.)


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Make Your Own Nail Decals

Recently I came across a few different techniques for nail art that involve making your own decals. It’s pretty fun to do, and is actually a really great solution if there’s a markedly different skill level between your dominant hand and non-dominant one. (AKA your left hand looks great and your right hand looks… shaky.) Continue Reading

Production on DOGLINE BLING has officially started. #cricketandmoose #hotlinebling

Dogline Bling

What happens when I dress Moose up like Drake? THE ANSWER MAY SHOCK YOU.


Thanks to my friend Jess for helping me film and to Dale for putting together the music for me!


#nailmail from @whatsupnails! Stoked to try the #moyoulondon plates and my new @uberchicbeauty uber mat!

Nail Mail

I’ve decided to get into the reverse stamping nail art game, so I was super excited to get my latest order from What’s Up Nails. I ordered:

  • Uberchic Beauty Uber Mat – You use this do to the reverse stamping, but it’s also nice to just use as a protective surface.
  • Mo You London Stamping Plates – I got a delightful assortment of polar critters and a plate with a bunch of fast food designs.
  • Creative Shop Stamper – I have a few Konad stampers already, but they have a much smaller surface.
  • Angled Brush – I ordered a tiny angled brush to try and use for cleanup around my nails. I’m pretty bad about cleanup. 🙂
  • Samples – I love that What’s Up Nails always includes samples of their vinyl stencil stickers! They sent a whole bunch this time – most of which were Christmas themed and totally adorable.

My friend Sara also sent me an ADORABLE Hello Kitty nail art book full of sweet as can be manicures. Can’t wait to try out some of their designs!

#nailmail from @puckgoodfellow! How freaking cute is this book?!?!!?! THANK YOU SARA!!!!! #hellokitty

Disneyland Diamond Celebration Nails

Disneyland Diamond Celebration Nail Art

Halloween Spooktacular, Nails

Graveyard Nail Art Tutorial